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Having scuba dived for many years I have used a lot of dive centres and met various staff and instructors at these. Some of these I got to know really well and liked all of the staff. There was a feeling of trust and responsibility. I would recommend these people straight away to any other […Reade More]

While on a boat, some people get sick. Sadly, some people do nothing about it since they believe that it is natural to feel ill while on the ocean. Although it happens to a lot of people, there is no reason for a person to get sick and throw up while on a boat or […Reade More]

Just as Bunaken, Wakatobi is a popular diving area that became the pride of Indonesia. Located in South East Sulawesi, Wakatobi has incredibly beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fish that makes a traveler around the world do not get tired of visiting these attractions. Wakatobi stands for the name of the four major islands of […Reade More]

Wakatobi is one of the mainstays spot for diving lovers lately. It is one of the districts in the province of South East Sulawesi, Indonesia with a total area of 1.39 million hectares and the capital is located in Wangi Wangi. Marine biodiversity, scale and condition of coral in Wakatobi occupy one of the highest […Reade More]

Imagine a white sandy beach coast sink away to the deep ocean, home of moray eels and dolphins, so surreal it creates a giant tapestry of very utopic feel natural wonder Wakatobi Underwater Nirvana is the title that is coined by Jacques Costeau to address Tukang Besi Island, the former name of Wakatobi National Park. […Reade More]

Ali Reef, Wakatobi – An exposed Seamount, which is connected by a deep ridge to Eel Valley table corals, tubastrea formations and lots of gorgonians. Futher down large soft corals, tubastrea formations and lots of gorgonians. Futher down large soft corals and colourful overhangs. Turtles and reef sharks can be seen. To complete this dive, […Reade More]

Bird watching or with luck : Whale Watching City tour : Kahyanga, Puncak Tomia, Tewali, Local Fish Market Snorkeling : Table Coral Reef, Roma, Marimabuk, Waitii, Waha, Pulau Sawa Visiting Bajo/Bajau village Island Hopping : Nda’a, Pulau Sawa, Onemobaa Beach Hopping : Runduma, Honduwei, Waha