Just as Bunaken, Wakatobi is a popular diving area that became the pride of Indonesia. Located in South East Sulawesi, Wakatobi has incredibly beautiful coral reefs and beautiful fish that makes a traveler around the world do not get tired of visiting these attractions. Wakatobi stands for the name of the four major islands of Sulawesi, namely Wangi-scented, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. Wanci Wakatobi is the capital city located in the island of Wangi-wangi.



You can reach this place by air taken from Jakarta or Surabaya to Makassar. After arriving in Makassar, you can proceed with connecting flight to Kendari or Bau Bau. After that, the road will be done by air, fast boat or ship to Wangi-wangi. If you want to enjoy a more remote location, you can go to the island of Tomia and Binongko which took five hours away by speed boat.

If you want to dive but have no equipment, no need to worry because there is an operator which rent diving and snorkeling equipment completed with guides and ship. The operator is Tomia Scuba Dive. Some of the equipment being leased is:

• Regulator,
• Wetsuit,
• Fin,
• Mask.

In order to settle around the Wakatobi, you should spend at least one week since the trip from one island to others should be done with a speedboat with a specific timetable that sometimes unreliable. If you want to visit Wakatobi, it is preferably between October to early December and April to June because there is a little choppy seas making it easier to travel and more comfortable to swim or snorkel. For the high season, it is recommended to book for the full package earlier. To complete your enjoyment, do not forget to bring your underwater camera to capture the pretty fish and coral.

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