How to go to Tomia Island,

Wakatobi, South East Sulawesi


Flight shedule

Wings air (lion group)

  • Arrive at matahora airport/wakatobi/wangi-wangi (wni) 15.30 pm everyday
  • Leave from matahora airport/wakatobi/wangi-wangi (wni) 6.00 am everyday

Garuda Indonesia

  • Arrive at matahora airport/wakatobi/wangi-wangi (wni) 11.30 am on tuesday, thursday, saturday and sunday
  • Leave from matahora airport/wakatobi/wangi-wangi (wni) 12.30 pm on tuesday, thursday, saturday and sunday
Reguler schedule

Wangi-wangi to tomia

  • Wooden boat from jabal harbour 9 am everyday
  • Fiber boat from numana harbour 2 pm everyday

Tomia to wangi-wangi

  • Wooden boat and fiberboat 6 am everyday

Bau-bau to tomia

  • Wooden boat on thursday, friday, monday and wednesday at 8 pm from murhum harbour.

Tomia to bau-bau

  • Wooden boat on monday, tuesday, thuraday and saturday at 9 am.




(Question and Answer)


How can i get tomia island?

Now wakatobi provide 2 airline which is Garuda indonesia and lion air(wings),but if you wanna go to tomia better book garuda indonesia flight.

Why i have to book garuda indonesia flight?

Because you can catch public reguler boat to tomia in sameday that means you will arrive at tomia island sameday

If i already book lion air(wings)??

You have stay in wangiwangi 1 night,because wings landed in wangiwangi 15.30pm,at the time no more reguler boat go to tomia island.

What tine the reguler boat schedule?
  • Wooden boat 09.00am (4hour) = 100k
  • Speed boat 14.00pm (2hour) = 150k
Garuda indonesia schedule is everyday?

No, garuda flight 4x a week


How about the way back?

Same case,better take garuda.

  • Reguler boat tomia to wangwangi 06.00am
  • Garuda flight : 13.25pm (you can catch)
  • Wings : 06.15am (you can’t catch)

IN CASES : If you book garuda you will landed  12.55pm so you cant catch reguler speed boat 14.00pm and you will arrive at tomia 16.00pm