While on a boat, some people get sick. Sadly, some people do nothing about it since they believe that it is natural to feel ill while on the ocean. Although it happens to a lot of people, there is no reason for a person to get sick and throw up while on a boat or diving trip. With these scuba diving tips, one should have a fun day in the water without throwing up their lunch.

Get full: One should eat a large and filling meal before boarding the boat. In most cases, a person with an empty stomach will experience more nausea and sickness than a person who eats about an hour before leaving the harbor. Ideally, one should fill up on carbohydrates and avoid greasy and acidic foods. Finally, one should wait to crack open that beer once until after they complete their journey and are back on dry land.

seasickHydrated: When on board, one should sip on a bottle of water. When drinking copious amounts of water, a person will feel full, and their body will metabolize food with ease. Ideally, one should also avoid alcohol or other diuretics the night before since this will contribute to a dehydrated state. One must remember to bring multiple bottles of water.

Medication: There are plenty of available medications that will help a person cope with the boat ride and diving experience. Dramamine is the most effective and most popular medication for an individual susceptible to motion sickness while on the boat. When taking pills, one must remember to begin taking the medication the night before. When doing this, medicine will adequately enter the bloodstream and a person should have no issue even in rough seas.

Do not move around: Some people make the mistake of moving around on the boat. When not sitting still, a diver will aggravate any potential or existing sickness. Instead, when on the boat, one must sit or stand in the center of the vessel. When heeding this advice, one will go a long way in preventing any issues from occurring.

Avoid odors: Most people do not remember this, but when smelling diesel fumes or other disgusting odors, one can get sick to their stomach. For this reason, when going on an excursion, a diver must avoid sitting near the engine and breathing in the fumes. To take it further, when heading out to a dive spot, one should not wear copious amounts of lotions, perfumes or sunscreens with a strong smell.

When following these five simple tips, a diver should have no trouble arriving to the site refreshed and full of energy. Without a doubt, this proactive approach will be more effective than other less useful methods. Remember, when looking to avoid seasickness, one must follow these steps to the fullest.