Having scuba dived for many years I have used a lot of dive centres and met various staff and instructors at these. Some of these I got to know really well and liked all of the staff. There was a feeling of trust and responsibility. I would recommend these people straight away to any other diver going near to that region.



On the other hand some dive outfits have not got my trust at all and in the worst case having spoken to the staff I walked out without booking a dive, never to return. I got bad feelings at those places.

And the problem is these people can be responsible for your life! They are taking you somewhere you don’t know, lending you equipment that they have serviced and maintained and are the ones picking you out of the water at the end of it.

Ask around at dive clubs, read independent dive reviews and anything else that you can do to check up on the dive centre before you commit to learning with them.

For New Divers, Enjoy Your Diving Time in Wakatobi

If you want to dive but have no equipment, no need to worry because there is an operator which rent diving and snorkeling equipment completed with guides and ship. The operator is Tomia Scuba Dive. Some of the equipment being leased is:

  • Tank,
  • Regulator,
  • Wetsuit,
  • Fin,
  • Mask.

In order to settle around the Wakatobi, you should spend at least one week since the trip from one island to others should be done with a speedboat with a specific timetable that sometimes unreliable. If you want to visit Wakatobi, it is preferably between October to early December and April to June because there is a little choppy seas making it easier to travel and more comfortable to swim or snorkel.

For the high season, it is recommended to book for the full package earlier. To complete your enjoyment, do not forget to bring your underwater camera to capture the pretty fish and coral.