Imagine a white sandy beach coast sink away to the deep ocean, home of moray eels and dolphins, so surreal it creates a giant tapestry of very utopic feel natural wonder


Underwater Nirvana is the title that is coined by Jacques Costeau to address Tukang Besi Island, the former name of Wakatobi National Park.

Wakatobi is a Kabupaten that consists of four main islands (Pulau in Indonesia). Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko. The four acronyms form the new name, WAKATOBI.

Located in Banda Sea, South East Sulawesi, right in the heart of the coral triangle centre, Wakatobi is blessed with abundantly exotic marine inheritance.

Pristine water, high biodiversity, home for more than 25 coral reefs and more than 900 marine species solidify Wakatobi’s spectacular underwater panorama. Varied seabed depth also promise every diver, the ocean at its best. Frim waist-deep to more 1000 meters, sandy and coral coloured. Underwater garden is still exist.



Tomia is one of the main islands located in Pulau Tukanf Besi (Former name of Wakatobi Islands). On the South of Pulau Kaledupa and on the North of Pulau Binongko.

tomiaOne of the village for Bajo/Bajau people is located here, the indigenous sea tribe who travelled anf literally spend most of their life on the ocean and not on land. A nomadic, boat-dwelling tribe often refered to as the sea gypsies.

Tomia is also known for having the most diving spot ini the Wakatobi area. For almost all the coral reefs, house reef, and sea creatures in the Wakatobi Islands are concentrated in this veru island.

It vast reef area supported with complex underwater topography )Slopes, Flat, Drop-off, Atoll and Underwatr Cave) combined with white-sandy botto, crafts a new spectrum of oceanic life.

As a cherry on top, Puncak Tomia (the peak of Tomia), a little hill with a telescopic view of the whole island to catch sunset, rising up in the background.

With these clusters of scene, Tomia is offering you a delicious world-class nature, both under and above water.

Tomia Dive Center (TDC)

Tomia Scuba Dive (TSD) is located in Tomia Island, Wakatobi. Established in 2007, TDC have experienced in guiding divers to witness that all we are saying regarding the underwater scenery are all true. Right on spot for your ultimate diving experience. We will escort you to some of the most breath-taking dive location and guide you through it, since our experienced divers have been exploring the water and the all possible dive spots for years. Equipped with current dive SAR technique and equipments, your safety along with your pleasure is our main concern.

We are here to help you understand the real mystique of Indonesian archipelago life.